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Quote1.png Olympus, land of beauty and hope unlimited -- of art, music and poetry unsurpassed - is in ruins! Quote2.png

Appearing in "What's A God To Do?"

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Synopsis for "What's A God To Do?"

While Jake is asleep he dreams of a memory that Thor has when he was a child. Him and Loki sneaking in to spy on Odin's council of war. They speak of another race of gods, who want to destroy the Asgardians completely. When he wakes up, Marnot is there to remind him of their deal, that Jake has an appointment with a specific ceremony, where he is supposed to receive a special award for his heroics during the battle with the Destroyer[1]. Jake changes to Thor and flies there so that he will not be late, but as he changes back to Jake, he has forgotten that when he changes back, he's wearing whatever Jake was, which is currently his boxers and nothing else. Jake finds an extra pair of clothes, and goes outside, where Captain America is waiting for him to present the award. Jake tells him that he cannot accept it since he didn't really do anything. Captain America is confused, but honors his request and leaves. Hannah and Amanda are baffled as well, and Jake asks Amanda what he can do to square things between them. She tells him that tickets to see the Giants at the Meadowlands would be good, and he replies that Frost Giants should not be there. Jane Foster overhears him, and begins to suspect something is up. Elsewhere, Hercules is in a bar entertaining the ladies, when Thor finally finds him. Thor tells him that he must speak with his father Zeus immediately. The women in the bar begin to go ga-ga over Thor more than they did for Hercules, which upsets Hercules. Feeling shamed, Hercules punches Thor through a wall and outside into a bus. Thor sends Mjolnir, to "retrieve" Hercules, and Thor pounds him into the ground, telling him that Asgard is laid to waste, and he doesn't have time for playful sparring between friends. Hercules finally understands and agrees to accompany Thor to Olympus. Whirling Mjolnir to create a gateway, they are transported to Olympus, only to discover that it lay in ruins like Asgard.

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