Quote1 Declare thine allegiance once and for all, Hercules! Art thou Avenger of Earth, friend to the Asgardian -- or art thou defender and scion of Olympus? Quote2
-- Zeus

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Synopsis for "Deception"

In Asgard, Majeston Zelia relishes her victory, and commands her prisoner to be brought forth so that he may see his home in ruins. Adva then activates the continuum gateway and brings Odin over, bound in chains. She tells him that there is no hope, the Olympians have fallen as well as the Asgardians. In Olympus, Thor and Hercules take in the carnage and come across a grave marker bearing the name of Dionysius, when Hermes arrives and begins attacking Thor. Ares and Atlas begin to charge in as well, and Hercules helps his friend fight off their attacks, until Pluto and Zeus arrive as well. Back in Asgard, Zelia reveals that D'Chel used his abilities to deceive the Olympians into believing that it was really the Asgardians attacking them and laying waste to Olympus, and not the Dark Gods. Thor tells Zeus that it was not the Asgardians, and could never have been, because they had all gone missing before the attack. Zeus calls upon Hercules to strike down Thor in defense of his home, but Hercules cannot do it. Thor swears to him that Olympus was not plundered by Asgard, and lowers Mjolnir to him. Hercules believes him, and enraged, Zeus casts them both back down to Earth. After they arrive, Thor departs telling Hercules that he must continue his quest to find the Asgardians. Hercules then overhears on a radio that the Thunderbolts have been revealed as the Masters of Evil, and they must be made to feel his wrath[1].

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