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Quote1.png Try if you want. But remember that I have killed thousands upon thousands of gods. Some superior to you, I imagine. Just as you are immune to a common cold -- so am I immune to your power. The same cannot be said of you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Reckoning"

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Synopsis for "The Reckoning"

Magni challenges Lord Thor to lift Mjolnir, and prove that what he's doing is right. But before he can do so, Desak arrives, and begins attacking. During the battle, Desak cuts off Hogun's head, and tosses it to Thor. Desak then begins attacking Thor, and he is immune to the Odinforce. But before Desak can finish him, Mjolnir hits him dead on, signaling that Magni has joined the fray. Meanwhile, Loki goes to release his secret weapon, hoping to solidify his grip on Earth forever.

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