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Quote1.png I give you the memory of all that I have done -- that you need never do it. The knowledge of what you might do...what I did do...will make you mightier than ever -- for it will strengthen your resolve to do right. It is time for me to leave this world -- and for you to embrace tomorrow. Quote2.png
Lord Thor

Appearing in "Letting Go"

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Synopsis for "Letting Go"

Lord Thor and Loki have words, while Desak/Destroyer attacks again. Magni fights back proving why he is the god of strength. The Designate attacks Magni, taking him out of the fight. Lord Thor sends Sif and the Enchantress to take Magni to safety. Desak/Destroyer kills Fandral, Volstagg, then kills Loki. Lord Thor, realizing that he's made a mistake, picks up Mjolnir, becoming worthy again. Hurling it with all his power, backed by the Odinpower, it takes Desak/Destroyer's head. Lord Thor and the Designate use Zarrko's time device to determine where it all went wrong. Lord Thor travels back in time and stops the explosives from destroying Asgard, and tells the army that if they stop the attack, he will leave. He then uses the Odinpower to re-merge Jake Olson and his younger self, while giving the memories he has of the last 200 years, so that he will not make the same mistakes. Lord Thor then disappears, his timeline no longer existing.

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