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Quote1.png This world of grime is unknown to me -- but victims a'plenty I do see! Mortals all, hear my cry -- the time has come for you to die! Quote2.png

Appearing in "...And the Home of the Brave!"

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Synopsis for "...And the Home of the Brave!"

Thor tries to transport himself to Asgard, but as soon as he begins to materialize, he is instantly thrown back to Earth. While inside Asgard, Adva has secured a barrier so that none may enter. The Dark Gods want sport, they want to see a glorious battle, so they bring out Balder, who has already been badly beaten. Perrikus refuses to battle someone who is so little challenge, so Tokkots wants to be the one to dispatch him. Zelia bats him away easily, declaring that this is to be Perrikus' kill. Balder grabs a sword and lunges at Perrikus, but Perrikus easily knocks him away and slices him open.

Back on Earth, Peter Parker and his Aunt May are arriving at Memorial Hospital for her checkup, when Jake and Demitrius arrive with a gunshot victim. Jane chastises him, saying that she's glad he didn't operate on him out in the field. Peter, feeling that he's witnessing real heroes at work, decides to snap a couple of pictures, upsettting Jane. She asks Demitrius to call security, but he tells her that he and Jake will take care of it. Demitrius seems particularly upset that his picture might have been taken and demands the film. Jake tells him to take it easy, and tells Parker to ask next time before he starts just snapping pictures. Both of their pagers begin to go off at the same time, calling for some emergency going on in midtown.

They arrive there and discover Tokkots now on Earth, causing destruction with every glancing touch. Both Peter and Jake race off to change identities, to try and help the innocent, and both Spider-Man and Thor arrive to confront Tokkots. Thor hurls Mjolnir at Tokkots, but it passes right through him and strikes a news helicopter, and for an unknown reason, Mjolnir continues on its flight with no sign of returning to Thor. Tokkots then displays another aspect of his power, and splits into two beings, both equally powerful.

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