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Quote1.png Once we were children. Balder, Loki, Vidar and I. Sif would play with us. Loki is my brother and...I once loved even his mischievous nature. It seems now he is doomed to it. Quote2.png
-- Thor

Appearing in "Ragnarok, Part the Third"

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Synopsis for "Ragnarok, Part the Third"

Thor finds a thinner Volstagg in Alfheim after the hordes of Loki attacked there, killing Fandral and Hogun. They meet up with Harokin and head towards Vanaheim. Along the way, they see signs of great battles, and the deaths of Geirrodur, Hrinmeer, Kurse and Vidar. When they arrive at Vanaheim, it is under attack by Fenris and Durok. Thor manages to defeat and kill Durok. During the battle between Thor's army and Loki's army, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) dies. Beta Ray Bill returns to lend his aid to Thor.

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