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Quote1.png March to death! March to destruction! March to the fall of the gods! March to Ragnarok!!!! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ragnarok, Part the Last"

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Synopsis for "Ragnarok, Part the Last"

Thor goes to Surtur and in exchange for him reforging Mjolnir, he will blaze a trail for Surtur and his army to raze Asgard to the ground and give the Asgardians a final, glorious battle. To prevent the cycle from starting over again, Thor goes to the Three Norns and destroys the Loom of the Fates, thus cutting off Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, possibly destroying them. This also destroys Yggdrasil and ends all the lives of those who dwell in Asgard and all the other Nine Worlds, except Midgard. Thor then says that he will rest, for a while at least.


  • This is the final issue of this series. Thor will next get his own series almost three years later in the volume three of Thor.

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