Quote1 Then my father and brethren are doubtless prisoners! Let them know that there shall be war unto death once more! So swears Thor! Quote2
-- Thor

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Thor defeats Replicus, who was under the direction of two youths. He then arrives (late) as Jake Olsen at a Giants game with Hanna and Mandy. After the game, he travels to the realm of the Rock Trolls to try and learn what has happened to Asgard from Orikal, but Orikal is unable to speak of the events. Marnot appears, and tells Thor the story of the Dark Gods.

While Thor was a child, Odin sent scouts out into the universe to bring back knowledge of their discoveries. One scout, Lonkarr, returns with news of a dire threat. He had discovered a planet with Gods similar to the Asgardians, but who ruled their world with an iron fist from the floating city of Narcisson. The Dark Gods fought a terrible war with Asgard, and nearly defeated Odin and his forces until young Thor gave him a reason to fight again. Odin then imprisoned most the Dark Gods in their city while keeping Perrikus in a secret chamber under Asgard. It was from this chamber that Thor unwittingly released Perrikus, leading to the takeover of Asgard by the Dark Gods. Thor vows to release his people.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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