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Quote1.png I am THOR! Son of Odin, god of thunder, who commands the lightning and the storm! I am THOR! And live. To live...and breathe...and fight...again. Quote2.png

Appearing in ""Brakka-Dooooom!""

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Synopsis for ""Brakka-Dooooom!""

Adrift in the Void, Thor reflects upon the many adventures he has had, notably those that involve his fellow Asgardians, Sif and the Warriors Three. Suddenly, Thor feels a strong summoning and is surprised to discover that it comes from Doctor Donald Blake, the late physician who was once host to the power and essence of Thor. Don tells him that he has more experience with understanding the afterlife than Thor does, and encourages him to return to the world of the living. He tells him that the fate of Midgard is in great peril if he fails to return. Thor battles through a host of ethereal demons before accepting his role as a Child of Mjolnir. With the hammer once more in his possession, Thor announces that he wishes to return.

Some time later in rural Oklahoma, Don Blake walks along a deserted highway. He comes across a stick lying on the side of the road and picks it up, then continues walking until he reaches Broxton, Oklahoma and heads to an inn. He chats with the motel manager, Beth Sooner, and rents a room. When he gets upstairs, he sits down on his bed and strikes his cane upon the floor. A tremendous peal of thunder tears across the sky, and a lightning bolt comes down, striking the motel.


  • The scene of Donald Blake grabbing the hammer is from Fantastic Four #538, one year earlier. This creates the issue if the scene takes place during this issue or Fantastic Four Vol 1 538. Thor's referring to Tony Stark creating his clone during his absence[1] leads to the former.
  • This story is reprinted in Thor Vol. 1.

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