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Quote1.png I welcome you to our family and our brotherhood, Balder. Be not angry with us for our poor decisions, for as with all things, my lord Thor had only your best interests in mind. Quote2.png

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As humans from town watch Asgard, inside Loki tells Balder the truth of his parentage. One night during one of his celebrations, Odin took special interest in the woman called Frigga. When Balder was born, Odin was troubled by dreams and portents. Visions of Balder dying, and taking all of Asgard with him. So Odin rides out in search of the Prophetess, who tells him that Balder's death at the beginning of Ragnarok would herald the death of all gods, but Balder would be reborn at the end of Ragnarok and create a new race of gods. But if he died before Ragnarok began, it would be the death of all things for all time. That is why his true parentage was hidden, so that he would not become a target. Back in Broxton, Bill is working in the diner, but his mind is in Asgard, thinking of Kelda. Kyle teases him a bit, but another man tells him that the biggest regrets in life are those chances not taken. Balder asks Thor, and is told the truth - it is true. He tells Balder that it was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, was keep that secret, but he understood and agreed with Odin on why it had to be done. But now that the truth is known, it is time for all of Asgard to celebrate the coronation of a new prince of Asgard.

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