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Quote1.png All my life, I fought to become a symbol. A symbol of all the things that were right about this country. All the things I loved. And now, they're trying to turn that symbol into whatever's most convenient, whatever will best serve the political agenda of one side or another. I can hear them talking nonstop...the media. The press -- They don't understand. It was never about politics. It was never about me. It was about the country. But they can't hear that truth above their own voices. Quote2.png
Captain America

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In Asgard, a riotous contest is underway with Balder as the judge. Volstagg wins, but Balder declares everyone a winner and a hero. In New York, Don and Jane are having dinner together, and getting reacquainted with each other. Back in Asgard, Loki and Balder discuss their place in this new world, with many Asgardians feeling more and more caged. They are interrupted when a blood duel breaks out among Alarr and another warrior, which ends with Alarr being killed. Balder tries to explain to them that they can be killed easier in this mortal plane, and asks if this is how they honor the gift of rebirth. Loki replies with a question of her own. If a life is spent with no opportunity for valor and no real struggle, then what is that life truly worth? Back in New York, Don sees Jane off, and notices a television in a store window with a news program talking about the one year anniversary of the death of Captain America. Don goes to a statue of Captain America, and changes to Thor. Thor says that Cap once swore an oath upon Mjolnir, that if any of their voices were raised in summons, he would come though all the forces of heaven and earth stood in his way, and with that Thor cries - "Avengers Assemble!" and with a crack of thunder and lightning, the spirit of Steve Rogers greets his old friend. Thor asks him if he would have him avenge his murder, and of course Steve replies no. But he can feel the world, and more than anything, he's upset that none of them get it. It was never really about him, it was about the country, and that none of them appear even close to understanding. Thor tells him that he should let Steve return to his rest, but before he does, he tells Steve that he has lived many lifetimes, but the greatest honor he has ever known was fight beside him and calling him friend. And with that, Steve's spirit fades away. Thor then flies up into space, and causes a worldwide media blackout by interrupting the satellites, giving Steve a minute of silence against the onslaught of programming about him. Thor then returns to Asgard, where Balder says that they must talk. The next day, one newscaster seemed to understand the significance of what happened, saying that with the worldwide blackout of every newscast, radio, satellite and cable broadcast, then they call came back on one minute later, it was if the entire world offered a minute of silence in memory of the single death that changed the future for all time.

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