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Quote1.png Sif. Heimdall. Balder. Fandral. Volstagg. Can your souls hear me? Do my words find you, in the hearts of mortals? If they do, then hear this vow. I shall find you, though I comb the four corners of the earth in my quest. I shall find you. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Diner"

Don Blake sits down for breakfast at an Oklahoma diner and chats with the cook Bill Jr. while eating his griddle cakes. After eating, he takes his rental truck and drives out into the middle of the Oklahoma flatland. Striking his cane on the ground, he transforms into Thor amid lightning and thunder. Thor uses Mjolnir to open a portal and brings the citadel of Asgard to planet Earth and sets it on the ground. He wanders the empty halls of the palace.

A police car arrives and two deputies inform Thor that he cannot build a structure on the ground without a permit or permission from the landowner. Thor agrees, and using his powers, lifts Asgard off the ground and into the air, informing the officers that it is no longer on the ground. The officers leave, and Thor realizes Asgard is nothing without his people.

Some time later, landowner Sam Miller arrive at the site. He tells Thor that he is willing to sell the land, but that they will have to negotiate a price as the property has increased in value. Thor agrees, and invites the mortal inside to the treasury, a vast chamber filled with riches. The thunder god instructs Miller to take what he wants and leave, never to return. Sam fills the back of his pick-up truck with gold and drives off.

Night falls, and Thor laments the loss of his fellow Asgardians. He thinks of the words Don Blake spoke to him while they were in the void – that the Asgardians live on in the hearts and souls of mortal beings. They only need to be found and awakened. Thor vows to accomplish this task and flies off.


  • Asgard is transported to Oklahoma.
  • Thor leaves to try and find the other Asgardians.
  • Thor's tenuous grasp on mortal politics foreshadows future diplomatic and cultural incidents between Earth and Asgard, and underscores the inherent differences between gods and mortals. Zany hijinks inevitably ensue.

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