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Synopsis for "No Borders"

Dr. Ernest Lereaux arrives in Broxton to find Dr. Donald Blake, and asks for his assistance in Africa on behalf of the Doctors Without Borders, an organization dedicated to providing medical care to people who need it and cannot get it. Lereaux describes the dangers of the work as the story moves to the Umeme Mungu Refugee Camp in Dahran, Africa, the site of a long-running genocidal campaign by the Ngare tribe against everyone else. Donald Blake is overwhelmed by the scale of the suffering and begins to question his medical practices.

At the end of the day, Lereaux finds him resting under a tree and introduces him to three soldiers of fortune: Rolf Mueller, an imposing, long-winded native of Berlin; the short-spoken Leo Kincaid of San Francisco; and Trevor Newly, a beret-wearing lightweight from London. All three had joined two years previous, specifically requested this posting, and been eagerly awaiting Blake's arrival. The conversation is interrupted by a Ngare attack, and Dr. Lereaux is rendered unconscious or dead by a suicide bomber. Blake, caught in the blast, belatedly warns the guards as several Ngare attack with automatic weapons and rocket launchers. The guards enter the battle, but are outmatched until Blake reaches his cane and transforms into Thor. Unprepared to deal with the god, the Ngare retreat.

Thor then confronts the three guards, and questions them on the events that brought them here. Observing that "there is no such thing as a coincidence," he uses Mjolnir to restore the Warriors Three from the guard's bodies. Thor suggests that they pursue the Ngare, but are stopped by a village elder who says that Africa's problems can only be solved by Africans, not by white men or even Gods. Thor decides to give the village some peace, and calls on the power of his mother, Jord, to separate the two villages with a great chasm.

Returning to Asgard, Volstagg laments the lack of food, and Heimdall states that his enhanced senses can speed up the work of finding the missing Asgardians.

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