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Quote1 Excuse us...but we heard...we heard there was cake, and, well...what unfortunate day's events are not made gladder by cake? Quote2

Appearing in ""Special Delivery""

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Synopsis for ""Special Delivery""

Just outside of Broxton, Oklahoma, the mailman arrives at Asgard with a letter for the new residents. Stymied by the lack of a mailbox, he installs one and labels it Asgard, 1 Asgard Rd before depositing the letter and driving off. Thor, having observed this strange mortal custom, flies down and discovers that they have been invited to a town meeting at the Broxton Town Hall. Returning to the castle, Thor finds Heimdall, who informs the thunder god of a troubling development. Not only is the watchman of Asgard still unable to detect any trace of the goddess Sif, but the essences he can detect are mysteriously vanishing. Instead of the dormant gods, he senses a growing darkness in the desert between Nevada and New Mexico.

Thor immediately flies to the site, where he finds a fence and a sign describing various dire punishments for trespassing on a Restricted Area. Ignoring the sign completely, Thor finds an old bunker, with dozens of people inside. They tell Thor that something has kidnapped them from all over the world. A raven-haired woman in a wedding dress claims to know him, but before Thor can free them, booming steps emanate from the hallway. The unknown offender reveals itself to be the Destroyer Armor, and engages Thor in combat. Inside himself, Thor and Don discuss how this is possible and why, and come to the conclusion that the Destroyer intends to kill the hosts so that no new Asgardians are reborn. Thor counter-attacks, taking the fight outside. Thor orders the Destroyer to cease fighting, to which it responds that Thor is the destroyer, and states his intention to kill him.

Thor flies up over the bunker, leaving himself open to the Destroyer's attack, and uses Mjolnir to free the Asgardians in an attempt to bring in reinforcements. However, the hammer affects the Destroyer as well, freeing Balder the Brave. Balder explains how he raged against the destruction of Asgard, and hated himself for failing to prevent Ragnarok. After his death, something sensed his rage and pulled him into the Destroyer where he began collecting the Asgardian hosts until Thor freed him. Thor forgives him, but is baffled by the absence of the freed Asgardians. He goes back below where one of the people tells him that they all left except for the one that came out of the female that said she knew Thor.

Assuming that it is Sif, Thor goes over and welcomes his lover back to the world of the living. The lady replies that he must be mistaking her for someone else, and turns around to reveal a female Loki. Loki tells a shocked Thor that he should not be surprised since she is not a child of Asgard, but of Frost Giants. Thor reminds her that she died and was reborn by his hands, but is willing to give her this one chance. Later, Loki converses with Doctor Doom over their evil scheme. With Thor distracted by the Destroyer, he will work to free as many Asgardians as quickly as possible without considering who he is freeing, and in doing so release the Asgardian villians. Back in Oklahoma, Volstagg arrives at the town meeting with a number of other Asgardians, in search of cake.

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