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Quote1.png Gods and mortal men share one quality. To be who we are, we must kill our fathers. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Father Issues"

Balder and Hogun help a severely weakened Thor into his chambers in Asgard, and they have sent Fandral to summon Falki. Falki has brought the Odincasket, and explains the details to them. How like mortals will sometimes induce a coma in a patient to help them heal, the Odincasket will do the same for Thor. Thor shuts himself in, leaving Balder in charge while he rests. Balder looks up, only to see Don Blake standing before him. Blake tells him that he hears what Thor hears, and vice-versa, he understands the purpose of the Odincasket, and explains the physicist's theory of Schroedinger's Cat. Since Thor is between life and death, his sudden appearance would imply that when Thor does die, Blake will be on his own again, and he promptly leaves Asgard. Inside the Odincasket, Thor dreams of Hugin and Munin, who speak to him and tell him how he is faring since he has his father's bed, power, and crown, and has never attempted to resurrect Odin. They ask him why the sounds of combat coming from over the hill sound so familiar, and he heads towards it. In the outside world, Blake buys a plane ticket to New York, while speaking to a mysterious someone who can help him fine someone - Jane Foster. Back in the between world, Thor comes across Odin fighting Surtur. Odin emerges triumphant, but is badly wounded. Thor speaks to him, and says that he can bring him back, but Odin tells him that if he was going to do that, he would have done it already. Odin tells him that in order for the gods to be who they are, they must kill their fathers, and begins to tell him a story. He tells Thor of his youth, and fighting in battle with his father Bor. He walks in Midgard before mortals existed, and thought it empty, so he breathed life into man, and his father was ill-pleased. To punish Odin, he visited upon the mortal race every suffering, every pain, every curse within his power to bring. After a time, another war came with the enemies of Asgard, and Bor pursed a Frost Giant, only to find a trap with a powerful sorcerer waiting for him. By the time Odin caught up to him, the curse was already done, and Bor was turned into living snow, and was slowly being blown away. With his last breath, Bor told Odin to find the most powerful sorcerers he could find and restore him. But he did not, because he was in the way. On that day, Odin became king and could make plans as he chose. After a time, Thor was born, and Frigga pointed out that Thor had Bor's eyes, and Odin knew in that moment that destiny would come full circle.

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