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Quote1.png Can there be anything closer to a Norse heaven than to live and die and live again in eternal battle? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Father Issues (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Father Issues (Part 2)"

Odin tells Thor the truth of his past. Bor had cursed him and told him the only way to still his voice, is that some point in the future, he would kill an enemy and he must adopt his son as his own. Not long after, the fateful battle occurred and Odin slew Laufey and adopted Loki as his own son. But that was Bor’s curse, because he knew the serpent he had taken into his own fold. In New York, Don Blake searches out Jane Foster in the hopes that she is somehow the host to Sif and is unknowingly keeping her from returning. Jane tells him that six months ago, she filed for divorce from Keith, because she had heard that he had returned. When Don tells her the reason for his visit, she is visibly upset and slaps him. She had hoped that he had come there for her and not for Sif. Back in the nameless realm, Thor undoes Bor’s curse, by freely offering Odin his freedom, but he declines. He has decided that he will stay there and fight Surtur every day, so that his evil will not escape into the world again. Thor decides that he will fight by his father’s side, and together they send Surtur to lick his wounds. Don is getting ready to leave, when Mrs Chambers calls out for him to help her. Jane gets Nurse Little to help her instead, and she goes inside her room and begins to brush her hair. Don says that the next time he is in New York, the two of them should get together for dinner and drinks, just the two of them and no one and nothing else. She says she’d like that very much, and they part ways. Inside Mrs Chambers room, Nurse Little asks if she’d like to see herself in the mirror to see how pretty she is, and it’s Sif’s reflection in the mirror, and Nurse Little has changed into Loki. Thor awakens, and Don disappears back into the void they share. Thor tells his people that all the Asgardians that could have been brought back have been, and now it is time to begin building their future.

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