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Quote1.png You're speaking to Volstagg the Great and Heimdall the...also great! We can hear a fly buzzing from sixteen leagues away! We can hear the rumble of a frost giant farting on the other side of a mountain! Of course we can hear you! What do you want?! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Forced Perspective"

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Synopsis for "Forced Perspective"

As Thor leaves on another mission, Balder remains behind in Asgard brooding. Loki joins him and asks him about whether he is truly as free as he thinks. The Warriors Three join in the discussion, and Loki asks them all what good is the freedom to go where they choose, if they choose not to go? She mentions some Frost Giants in passing then takes her leave of them. Balder follows her into her chambers and asks further about the Frost Giants. She offers to send him to them in the Rocky Mountains, and gives him a ring that will return him to Asgard, all he has to do is whisper her name to it. Elsewhere, Volstagg asks Heimdall about the Avengers, thinking he might do well in this world seeking out adventurers equal to himself, to which Heimdall mocks him for even listening to Loki's words. Just then, Bill Jr arrives asking if Kelda is in. In the Rocky Mountains, Balder is hunting for the Frost Giants, reminiscing on his past and his purpose. His constant vigilance against his death which would herald Ragnarok, and now that it has come and gone, what is his purpose? Watching him hunt is a Frost Giant, with Loki telling him that he will be easy prey, just wait for her signal. Back in Asgard, Kelda is delighted to see Bill, who has also brought her some flowers that he has picked. She says that she cannot wait, and wants him to throw the flowers up to her, he tries but they never go very high. Finally he ties a rock to the stems of them, and succeeds in throwing them up to her, promptly hitting her in the face. In the Rocky Mountains, a trio of Frost Giants comes across a father and son, dealing with their overheated car. As they prepare to strike them down, they are saved by Balder. As one of them prepares to strike Balder, he is struck down from behind by Loki, who kills the Frost Giant before he can reveal her duplicity. The police arrive and demand that the Asgardians drop their weapons. The man and his son are alive, but upset from having to watch three Giants be killed right in front of them. They are arrested and Thor is finally contacted, who comes to collect them. Back in Asgard, Thor tells Balder that this is a new world, with many rules and laws that the Asgardians must learn. Bill Jr is teaching some of them about basketball and trying to explain what points are. Balder confides in Loki that he is lost in this world, not knowing what his purpose is anymore. Loki states that he follows Thor because he is Odin's son and thus entitled to the throne and their loyalty. She then informs him that his father was not killed by Frost Giants, that he is really Odin and Frigga's son, half-brother to Thor and just as entitled to rule Asgard as Thor is.

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