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Quote1.png The God of Hammers will rise. He will ignite the Ten Realms... And he will take the Last King of Asgard. And then... And then there will be nothing. Nothing but the distant sound... of a forge. Burning. Raging. As the God of Hammers reshapes the world. Quote2.png
King Loki

Appearing in "God of Hammers - Part Two of Five"

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Synopsis for "God of Hammers - Part Two of Five"

The God of Hammers rampages across the Ten Realms, leaving death and destruction in their wake, and the armistice forged in the wake of the War of the Realms is broken; the Ten Realms rallying their armies to make war on Asgard. On Nidavellir, Thor buries the dwarf-king Eitri, who had personally forged Mjolnir for Odin eons ago, and delivers a mournful eulogy. As Thor drops to his knees in sorrow, Odin brusquely tells him to get up and that a king can't rule from his knees. Rising and standing face to face with his father, Thor snaps that he will rule as he pleases and that Odin would do well to mind his duty as a loyal subject of Asgard and bite his tongue before daring to disrespect his king. Smirking, Odin mockingly asks if Thor's going to run crying to his mother if he doesn't, and Thor's eyes blaze with lightning before he sends Odin flying across a mountain range. As Odin sits up and grumbles that he and his son fighting all the time is getting old, Thor lands in front of him demands to know if Odin finds the genocide committed against the dwarfs using Mjolnir to be funny. As Odin threatens to put Thor in his place, Thor shouts that everything that's gone wrong in Asgard recently has been Odin's fault; the enchantments he put in place over the eons failing and falling apart, and in the process causing chaos across the Ten Realms. As Odin admits that Thor's right, they suddenly find themselves in Jotunheim overlooking a battlefield full of countless frost giant corpses. Standing nearby, Loki turns to glare at them and angrily asks if Thor hasn't misplaced something recently.

In Utgardhall, Loki bitterly echos Thor's speech at his coronation -- that there would be peace or thunder -- before asking him where Mjolnir is. Turning to look at Odin, Thor demands to know who the God of Hammers is, Odin scoffing that the God of Hammers is nothing more than a myth -- an errant prophecy like countless others he's quashed over the millennia. Loki remarks that the three of them, as gods, are living myths, but Odin retorts that if there had even been the slightest chance of a God of Hammers existing coming he would have hunted down and killed them ages ago. Loki reveals that as they speak the armies of the Ten Realms are rallying to make war on Asgard, assuming Thor to be responsible for the God of Hammers' attacks, but that he's been able to convince them not to attack for the time being. Telling Thor and Odin to get over their petty rivalry, Loki bluntly states that myth or not the prophecy of the God of Hammers is real. Loki recites the text of the prophecy -- the records of which have been sabotaged by the God of Hammers -- and Odin scoffs that if it pertains to another War of the Realms they've already been there and done that, and can do it again. Scowling, Loki says that the text doesn't fortell a war but the unilateral destruction of Asgard and the rest of the Ten Realms. As Odin remorsefully says there's something he has to tell Thor, the Bifrost suddenly takes Thor to Asgard. Turning to see a shaken Sif and Throg, Thor asks if they've found Mjolnir but is told he needs to come with them immediately.

Arriving in a smoking crater littered with charred bones, Thor looks around in horror and wonders what Realm they've sent him to, only to realize that he's in the ruins of his beloved city Broxton on Midgard. Devastated, Thor drops to his knees and weeps, then stands with an expression of cold fury. The ground and air rumbling, he holds out his hand to call Mjolnir and the divine hammer flies towards him wreathed in divine energy... only to slam into him like a meteor. Dazed, Thor barely has time to wonder what's happening before Mjolnir brutally attacks him. Beaten to a bloodied pulp, Thor shouts for the God of Hammers to stop hiding, show themselves, and tell him their name. His adversary mockingly states that Thor has known their name all along, Thor watching in horror as Mjolnir manifests a feminine avatar made of divine lightning and introduces herself as the God of Hammers.

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Mjolinr is on a rampage across the realms and is leaving death and destruction in its path! Thor must act fast to save his kingdom for the deadly prophecy of the God of Hammers is about to be unleashed!

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