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Quote1.png There is only so much darkness one can throw into the Sun before the star turns black. For over four billion years, Earth's sun has burned the hearts of countless evils to cinders and bones and atoms. But along the way... the light has been... infected. The well poisoned. And now... a new evil grows in the furnace of Midgard. Slowly evolving. Growing stronger every day. Waiting. Waiting for destiny to arrive. But this story... of this ancient evil... spreading... reaching out from the flames... of the untold destruction it will bring to the universe... the total and complete extinction it will herald... that story... is not ready to be told. Quote2.png

Appearing in "God of Hammers - Part Three of Five"

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Synopsis for "God of Hammers - Part Three of Five"

The narrator exposits that for the last four billion years, the Sun has been used as a dumping ground to dispose of countless evil entities, but that it has become corrupted and is starting to turn black -- an ancient evil reconstituting itself within the celestial inferno and biding its time to wreck untold calamity upon the universe. As tendrils of living darkness erupt from the sun, the narrator states that this has not yet come to pass, but that which was reforged in the flames of the sun has been tainted by this darkness and will carry it until the end of time.

In the present, Mjolnir smashes into the bewildered Thor's chest and ploughs him though a mountainous heap of rubble and several ruined buildings. Driving him into a lake, the hammer attempts to drown him, but Thor calls down a massive bolt of lightning that evaporates the water. Manifesting, the God of Hammers mockingly congratulates Thor for his cleverness and says that if she didn't know any better she'd think he was starting to grow up. Struggling to pry Mjolnir off himself, Thor demands to know who she is; the God of Hammers descending into the lakebed and saying that she's hurt that Thor doesn't recognize her, having been at his side for millennia - save for a brief "dalliance" with Jane Foster. As the God of Hammers jokes about that having been a bicurious phase and that Thor's a hypocrite to be jealous, Thor angrily demands she stop toying with him and face him in battle. Recalling Mjolnir, the God of Hammers sneers that she'll fight him so long as it spares her his speeches, snidely adding that that's why she turned against him - having grown bored of the parliamentary and senate meetings, endless speeches, and other duties that Thor inherited as the All-Father of Asgard. Agreeing that many of his kingly duties are boring, Thor conjures a sword made out of lightning and unleashes a wave of energy that rips a furrow into the lakebed - the God of Hammers conceding the attack is impressive. As Thor cleaves through the raining debris and lunges at her, the God of Hammers effortlessly evades his attack - scoffing that he should know better than anyone that lightning can't be outrun. As Thor furiously throws a punch, the God of Hammers intercepts his fist with Mjolnir, mutilating his arm into a mess of torn flesh and broken bones. As Thor stares at his mutilated arm in incredulity, the God of Hammers says she knows what it's like to be broken, and knows his strengths and weaknesses better than Thor himself does. As the God of Hammers raises Mjolnir to cave Thor's skull in, Odin intercepts the attack with Gungnir and says that it's time to end this. As the God of Hammers mockingly asks if he's come to die for his son, Odin snaps that he wasn't talking to her but to Sif, who activates the Bifrost.

Engulfed by rainbow light, the God of Hammers reconstitutes herself and finds herself in a cave populated by bat-like monsters of living darkness and towering draconic beasts with fiery maws; littered with old bones and strange obelisks, with a mysterious structure in the centre topped by a red-and-black sigil radiating tendrils of darkness. Gazing around at her surroundings, the God of Hammers increduously wonders where the Hel she is.

Back on Midgard, Odin explains that Sif sent the God of Hammers to the Void beyond the boundaries of the universe, an endless abyss beyond the eyes of even the most abstract and primordial gods. As Odin helps him to his feet, Thor tells his father that the God of Hammers is Mjolnir itself come to life, asking how that's possible. Odin states that Mjolnir has always been alive, imbued with not only the God Tempest but - purportedly - the souls of the dwarves who perished forging it. Stating that before seeing it with his own eyes he never believed it, Odin says that some malignant force has awakened Mjolnir and caused it to lash out against Thor and Asgard. Before Odin can continue, Mjolnir plunges through the atmosphere - Odin incredulous that it could have returned to Earth so quickly - and smashes into his back. As Odin collapses, moaning that he can't feel his legs, Thor glares up at the God of Hammers and furiously demands to know why she's doing this. The God of Hammers snaps that Thor has always taken her for granted and never truly understood what it meant to be "worthy" of Mjolnir, scoffing that he assumed it meant being a noble warrior who was true of heart before mockingly asking if he honestly thinks he embodies any of those qualities. Advancing towards him, the God of Hammers says that she is a hammer and to be "worthy" of her is to use her for her intended purpose - a weapon to destroy all in her wielder's path; and that for a time Thor was worthy, but that after he became the All-Father she grew bored of the speeches and meetings, longing to slake her bloodlust once more. Reminding him that she grew tired of him once before, the God of Hammers reveals that she remembers when Jane Foster threw her into the Sun and that Thor left her broken and burning in the celestial furnace. Stating that she wasn't burning alone, the God of Hammers says that her companion's dark essence melded with her when Mjolnir was reforged during the War of the Realms, imbuing her with its ineffable rage and hatred. As Thor looks up at her in horror, the God of Hammers manifests an avatar of the Mangog, which towers over him.

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Thor has been beaten down, and the God of Hammers is about to make the final blow! Is this the end of the All-Father? Prophecies do come true, after all…but not always in the ways they are foreseen. For there is one last chance to save Thor — but at what cost?! Plus: The shocking origin of the mysterious God of Hammers is revealed!

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