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Synopsis for "Thor & the Warriors Four (Part Four)"

Loki’s plan has worked; he was the nurse who gave Julie the book of Norse Mythology in the hospital, hoping it would inspire her to get the apples for her grandmother. He also send the Wargs to attack the Pet Avengers in order to give Power Pack access to Asgard. The Asgardian clothes he gave Power Pack while posing as Koil contained gems that allowed Enchantress’ de-aging spell to work within the walls of Asgard. And now he tricked them into giving him the Golden Apples, which he will share with Hrymer and the Frost Giants so they can gain eternal youth while the Asgardians will grow old and die with only Loki being left to rule Asgard.

Power Pack tries in vain to fight back, but Loki has already summoned his army of Frost Giants to take over Asgard. The Asgardians meanwhile began to turn back from babies to their regular age, but without the golden apples they will keep aging and the golden apples cannot be taken by force; one has to willingly hand them over, which Loki is unlikely to do.

However, Loki’s plan turns out to have a major flaw; the rapid aging of the Asgardians has unwittingly started Ragnarok and awoken Jormungand, who attacks Asgard. The Pet Avengers show up to help in battle, but both Thor and Frog Thor are no match for the giant serpent. Knowing he is destined to die by Jormungand’s teeth at Ragnarok, Thor surrenders on condition that Jormungand will spare the others. Alex however interferes, grabs Mjolnir and attacks Jormungand. Since he now wields Thor’s hammer, he also gains Thor’s powers and costume.

At Julie’s suggestion, Thor destroys the gems in Power Pack’s costumes, which causes Enchantress’ spell to backfire against her, Loki and Hrymer. All three turn into babies, and Julie easily tricks baby-Loki into giving her the Golden Apples. With the apples back in the hands of the Asgardians, Ragnarok is averted and Jormungand retreats.

Thor returns Power Pack to Earth, where their grandmother has undergone a surprising discovery. She claims a new doctor, Donald Blake, just have her some apple sauce. The doctor was actually Thor in disguise, and the sauce contained some of the Golden Apple.

Appearing in "The Twelve Labors of the Babysitter, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Twelve Labors of the Babysitter, Part 4"

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Solicit Synopsis

Loki: triumphant! Thor: defeated! Power Pack: no more! Exclamations: And questions? Will Power Pack be able to save the life of their grandmother, or will the world be destroyed first? All this, plus a guest appearance by The Pet Avengers, and the moment you didn’t know you were waiting your whole life for: The League of Thors! AND the final chapter of Colleen Coover’s Hercules/Power Pack cross-over. An issue so big, so funny, so awesome, that critics are saying, “This solicit was actually written before the first issue came out, so there’s no press quotes yet!”

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