The six Hel-pups born with Thori to Garm and sired by Hel-Wolf after the pair were left together by Loki. The pups inherited their mother's dutiful and loyal nature while Thori inherited his father's vicious and feral nature. The litter was given to Loki as a Yuletide gift because Garm did not have time to raise them, but the All-Mothers ordered Loki to find new homes for the pups. Together with Leah, Loki placed the six of pups in new homes, but Loki decided to keep the final and most bloodthirsty puppy as his own pet.[1]

  • With a perpetual place in her heart for strays, Gaea agreed to adopt one of the pups.[1]
Warlock (Technarch) (Earth-616) and Thori's Littermates (Earth-616) from Exiled Vol 1 1 001

Warlock hiding his puppy from the other New Mutants

Tyr Odinson (Earth-616) and Thori's Littermates (Earth-616) from Exiled Vol 1 1 001

Tyr with his hound

  • Missing his hunting hounds, Tyr of Battles selected the pup with the keenest eyes to be his companion.[1] He continued to use his pet to track down targets for Hela.[2]
  • The cutest puppy was placed at a Midgardian animal shelter with a webcam and soon became an internet star with a following on Tumblr.[1]


The Hel-Hounds have exhibited the following the powers and abilities:

  • Pyrokinesis: Thori and his littermates can exude flames.[1]
  • Interminensional Tracking: The hounds have ability to track beings across dimensional planes.[2]

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