Thorn Trask went to college in the Eastern United States, and proceeded to become the middleweight boxing champion three years in a row. He later moved back to Red Rock, in the American west, to be close to his sister Nora. There he became leader of the Civil Betterment League, whose task was to create a better town for all the citizens of Red Rock. Secretly, however, despite his title and good-natured image, he was also a criminal in disguise. Trask used his boxing skills to rob travelers along the outskirts of the town while disguised in a bird costume and calling himself the Raven.

At some point, the Raven attacked an unknowning Rawhide Kid, knocking him out by striking him in the head with a rock, and then robbing him. Later, when Rawhide recovered and rode into the town, Thorn scolded his sister for speaking to the Kid, who was a wanted outlaw. Trask, as the head of the Civil Betterment League, demanded that the Kid leave town, but then callously tripped him as the Kid was leaving. Not taking kindly to this sort of demeaning action, the Kid went after Trask, who was able to easily dodge his blow and then knocked the Kid to the ground with a punch to the jaw. At this sight, Nora came running and pulled Thorn off of the Kid and apoligized to him. Trask then managed to turn the entire town against the Kid, accusing him of being the Raven. The Kid was forced to flee from the ensuing mob.

Later, the Raven found the Kid yet again, this time while he was sleeping, and disarmed him before he woke up. He then woke the Kid up and forced him into an old mineshaft, planning on disposing of the outlaw's body. The Kid, however, was able to use a shovel to throw dirt into the Raven's eyes and then knocked the gun from his hand. In the ensuing battle, the Raven pulled out a support strut of the mineshaft to use as a weapon. The mine shaft quickly collapsed as a result, killing the Raven, though the Kid made it out to safety. To spare Nora the shame of knowing that her brother was the Raven, Kid instead passed a message along to her that Thorn lost his life trying to stop the the Rawhide Kid, who Trask had unmasked as the true Raven.[citation needed]




The Raven was a highly skilled ex-college boxer, as well as an adequate horseman and shootist.





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