Thorn Trask was a member of the local Civic Betterment League, an organization dedicated to cleaning up the town of Red Rock. However, Trask was a criminal named the Raven who robbed travelers outside of town. He was called the Raven due to his disguise that made him look like a red bird.[1]

One day, he robbed the outlaw Rawhide Kid after knocking him out. He then began harassing Rawhide Kid, resulting in a fistfight. Trask used this as an excuse to form an angry mob to run Rawhide Kid out of town. Later, Trask took Rawhide Kid's guns while he slept and took him by gunpoint to a mine where Trask planned to kill Rawhide Kid and hide his body. Rawhide Kid flung dirt into Trask's face and disarmed him. Trask kicked Rawhide Kid away and removed a support as a weapon. However, the support held the ceiling of the mine up, causing a cave-in. Rawhide Kid escaped, but Trask was killed. Rawkide Kid later told Trask's sister Nora that her brother died fighting the Raven.[1]

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The Raven was a highly skilled ex-college boxer, as well as an adequate horseman and shootist.






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