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The reality of these Avengers was destroyed during an incursion, but they were saved from their death by the A.I.M. of Earth-616 and brought to said reality.

They escaped from A.I.M. Island and arrived in New York, wondering where they were, and realized they were in an alternate reality from that which they came from. When Thorr realized the humans near him weren't on their knees, he killed them to teach a lesson.[1] Shortly after, the Avengers were attacked by A.I.M.'s Adaptoids in order to bring them back to A.I.M. Island. However one of the Adaptoids had a rogue behavior which caused the death of Ant-Man, forcing A.I.M. to leave the battle and teleport away. The Avengers also teleported away.[2]

Four hours later, the body of Ant-Man was found by S.H.I.E.L.D..[1] The Avengers from this universe were called to investigate and found these Avengers in Times Square.[2] Both teams of Avengers engaged in combat, and the tyrant Avengers began to lose. During the fight, Thorr lost his hammer. After Wasp attempted to surrender along with an injured Iron Monger, Hulk arrived and reignited the fight. But A.I.M. stealthily captured both teams in a temporal shield which made them stand still, and removed the tyrant Avengers in order to bring them back to their reality.[3]

Back at A.I.M. Island, the Scientist Supreme offered the Avengers the opportunity to be taken to a new world, as General America wanted a world with no Avengers, they were taken to Earth-83292.[4]



Seemingly those of the Thor of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thor of Earth-616.



Thorr's version of Mjölnir reads the same as Thor's except that instead of being "worthy" to possess the power one must be "unworthy,"[3] as such Thor would later be able to wield it effectively.[5]


  • The extra "r" in Thorr's name is most likely an approximation to an alternate spelling of Thor's name, "Thórr."

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