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Quote1.png He was the best of us. A true murder police. A devoted Son of Doom. A Thor of Thors. This we do in remembrance of him. For Ray. Quote2.png
Lawspeaker King Thor

Appearing in "The Jane Foster Murders"

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Synopsis for "The Jane Foster Murders"

In Valhalla's Mead Hall a funeral service is held for Stormbreaker Ray Afterwards the Thorcorps goes in search of the killer. They are rounding up their usual suspects, but the murderer is not among them.

Thunderer Thorlief talks to one of Jane's colleagues. The nurse says he spoke to another Thor weeks ago. This Thor confiscated Jane's belongings. It turns out to be a former member of the Corps, nicknamed Unworthy Thor.

Unworthy Thor approaches Thorlief. He was investigating Jane's disappearance and became obsessed with the case. It resulted in a dishonorable discharge. He advises Thorlief to forget about Jane, because nothing good will come of it. The two get into a fight. The fight ends when Thorlief is called to a crime scene.

A new body has been found. This time it's a man. Throg thinks the victim is connected to the five dead females. Both of them died months ago, moved here recently and left for the police force to find. The fingerprints of the deceased match a Donald Blake. Somehow, that name rings a bell  to Thorlief, but he can't make head nor tail of it.

Then they discover someone else at the crimescene. In an attempt to escape, the stranger knocks down Thrr with powerful magic. Thorlief succeeds in arresting the man, who becomes the first suspect in Ray's murder. The detainee introduces himself as Loki

Solicit Synopsis

• The saga of the Battleworld police force continues!

• More murders. More mystery. More Thors! (Like GROOT THOR!)

• And maybe even a break in the case, as a surprising suspect is brought in for questioning…

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