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Thoth was the son of the primordial goddess Gaea (known as Neith to the Egyptian gods) and of the Demiurge (Nun), and the little brother to Atum (Ammon Ra). He was born in Khemennu, near modern-day El Ashmunein, Egypt.[1]

Early years

Millions years ago, Atum battled his uncle, the Elder God Set (Apep). Ibis oversaw the epic battle, making sure neither side completely overtake the other one (as Set and Atum represented respectively chaos and order).[1]

The Hellbent, a hybrid race of Humans and the Elder Races, swore to Thoth to protect the inferior Hellbents in exchange for the god's secrets.[11]

Hyborian Age

Thoth, as Ibis, was worshipped during the Hyborian Age in parts of Nemedia and Stygia.[1] He opposed various evil beings, including Set and the demon Azoth, directly and indirectly (by empowering talismans such as the Eye of Ibis and the Staff of Ibis).[2]

Temple of Ibis in Argos

Followers of Set, including the sorcerer Thoth-Amon, drove his priests out of Stygia, but they relocated their sarcophagi to a new Temple of Ibis, the "Nest of the Sacred Ibis" in Hyboria.[1]

The priest Karanthes channeled Thoth's energy through his Staff of Ibis to return the demon Jaggta-Noga to his nether realm, and later invoked Ibis himself to destroy the evil god-sorcer Zukala's citadel.[1]

Ancient Egypt

Around 10,000 BC, the worship of the Heliopolitans started by the inhabitants of the Nile River Valley.[12]

As Atum became Ammon Ra, primordial sun god worshiped in Egypt, he presumably sired,[12] then ruled the Ogdoad, the first generation of Egyptian gods, Thoth became the primordial moon god and served as his arbitrator and grand vizier,.[1] from Hermopolis (also known as Khmun, near modern-day el-Ashmunein, Egypt).[12]

Some myths state the Ogdoad sired Thoth and Ra, but that misconception is due to the elderly appearance of the Ogdoad.[12]

Possibly imperfect, and aging more rapidly than their virtually immortal rulers,[12] the Ogdoad eventually perished, Ra sired the first Ennead, the next generations of Egyptians. He eventually left, replaced by his son Shu. Thoth remained and kept on serving the Helipolitan ruler.[1]

Thoth and Ammut

During the reign of the Ennead, Thoth became instrumental in the process of mortal souls transitioning to the afterlife. Thoth's great-great grandnephew Anubis (god of the afterlife) would weigh a mortal soul on a balance scale against the feather of Ma'at, the goddess of order; those souls deemed virtuous in life would be lighter than the feather. Thoth would then record the results in his scrolls. The virtuous would be allowed passage into the underworld realm of Duat, while the rest would be devoured by Ammut, the monstrous servant of Ma'at.[13]

When the Helipolitan ruler Osiris and his family were imprisoned within a pyramid on Earth by god of evil Seth, Thoth served as the Ennead's ruler in Celestial Heliopolis.[12] Thoth served as the god of wisdom and the moon, however he was ousted from that mantle by Khonshu.[14]

Around the 5th century AD, upon the spread of monotheism, many Heliopolitans lost their worshipers,[12] but Thoth, along with Bast and Ptah remained worshiped among the Orisha of Wakanda.[15]

It was hypothesized that the Wakandan Gorilla God was possibly Thoth in his ape form[10] but it is known now that Vodū god Ghekre is the Gorilla God.[16]

Thoth and Thor

At some point in the past, the Storm Giant Gnives sent Thor and the Warriors Three on a series of missions into the realms of other pantheons of gods to make amends for killing his son Holth. The last such mission involved the Asgardians traveling to the Temple of Thoth. Fearing that the Asgardians were about to accomplish his final mission, Gnives sent the Rock Troll Ulik to sabotage them. The ensuing battle disturbed and angered Thoth, who mystically dispatched Thor, the Warriors Three, and Ulik back to Asgard, threatening a "war in the heavens" if they were to return.[8]

When Osiris and his family were freed by the Asgardians,[1] Thoth returned the throne to him.[12]


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Thoth possesses various superhuman abilities as a result of his Elder God lineage, making him superior to most of the other Heliopolitan gods:[1]

  • Superhuman Strength: Thoth can lift about 90 tons.[1]
  • Metaphorm: Thoth is metamorph, and usually assumes the form of an ibis or an ibis-headed humanoid.[1] He has also an ape aspect.[10]
  • Virtual Immortal: Thoth is a virtual immortal, who aged at an extraordinary slow rate, contrary to the Ennead who are true immortals.[12]

Thoth can empower magical totems, such as the Eye of Ibis and Staff of Ibis.[1]


Although avoiding physical confrontation, is a formidable combatant.[1]



He wields his powerful Was-Sceptre in combat.[1]


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