Thraxon was a member of the Inhumans, an off-shoot of humanity created by the Kree. The Inhumans gain extraordinary powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist. His exact origins and much of his past are a mystery.

In recent times, the Kree sought to recoup the Inhumans and use them as cannon fodder in the upcoming War of the Three Galaxies against their eternal enemies the Skrulls.[1] This was thwarted by the Inhuman royal family, but their leader Black Bolt was forced to decimate their kingdom of Attilan in order to do so.[2] When Black Bolt and most of his family left Earth on a failed mission to find a new home among the stars, he left his cousin Crystal and her husband Quicksilver in charge of the Inhumans who remained on Earth.[3] Thraxon was one of the many Inhumans who was among the crew to rebuild Attilan. With Black Bolt gone, Thraxon began his aspirations to take control of Attilan in his absence.[4]

He was soon approached by the Sphinx who sought to exploit the powers of the Inhumans to gain total mastery of his fate. Thraxon agreed to assist him in exchange for more powers. Thraxon was given ionic abilities from the power of the Sphinx's Ka Stone and he used this power to capture the Inhuman royal family when they returned to Earth and rebuild Attilan as a massive fortress. Crystal managed to escape and she enlisted the aid of her friends in the Fantastic Four to free her family and husband. While the FF failed to stop the Sphinx from launching a ship into space carrying Black Bolt and the others, they defeated Thraxon who was stripped of his additional powers once the Sphinx had what he wanted. The Fantastic Four later followed the Sphinx into space and foiled his plans.[5] The fate of Thraxon following his defeat is unrecorded at this time.


Thraxon's Inhuman abilities appear to be the ability to mesmerize others into doing his own bidding. However this power only seems to affect other Inhumans, and even then, those with a strong will power can apparently resist this power.

When he was working for the Sphinx, he was briefly granted ionic powers. This allowed him to fire ionic blasts from his hands, and create force fields.


Thraxon used energy cannons which he used to channel his short-lived ionic powers through, increasing the strength of his blasts.

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