• TV Tropes is dead sure that "The Gifted" does NOT take place in the X-Men Film Universe, citing a statement made at San Diego Comic Con as evidence.

    I got into trouble in the Marvel Movies Wiki for this (got a year-long ban), and I don't want to get into trouble here, so I'm asking... TV Tropes right?

    If it is, can I edit the "Gifted" pages to reflect that?

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    • If you want to make your case more noticeable, feel free to bring it up the talk page for 'The Gifted', Talk:The Gifted (TV series). Just remember to sign your posts using four tildes (~~~~) when you do that.

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    • I think TV Tropes is wrong. While that may have been the case during SDCC, somewhere between there and now has significantly changed the way the show references the X-Men and the larger X-universe.

      Personally, I think they're in the same universe.

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