• Please, when updating pages, do so in their entirety so that the change that happened to the page's character is properly reflected throughout the article. For instance, if a character dies, do not simply add the character's appearance of death to the infobox in their article; it's mandatory that the addition be supported by properly cited information available in the History section.

    Thank you.

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    • I'm terrible at summarizing movies. I could forget some things that happened, and maybe my writing would have a few typos and grammar errors. And besides, anyone who has seen the movie can verify that Tony died when he used the Infinity Stones to wipe out Thanos and his army. And a wiki is a collaborative community, so my edit listing Tony's death saves some effort to someone who would just be updating the history section. Unless you have doubts about Tony's death after his funeral, that appearance of death shouldn't be removed. Otherwise it could lead to an edit war if every single edit has to be perfect.

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    • The contents of an article need to be in accordance with each other. A character's appearance of death can't be listed in the infbox if that information isn't reflected in the history text. It creates a disparity between the contents of the article and that is not acceptable.

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