• Hey Jamie, I like invite you some trouble I am having with one of the admins AnnabellRice. I can't get into spefics right now since in my timezone it's 1:30 a.m. and I have to get to bed but if you can looks over some of the talk pages involving characters from Earth-807128 about the disagreements between the both of us. I am not condemning the Admin for anything nothing but respect through and through but I feel as in my own opinion that some Admins take this I know more stuff than you personification at times. I have recently returned to the Marvel database after an almost 2 year sabbatical due to mostly medical conditions but a small part of been because of this attitude in yet again my own opinion and perspective. I returned about 3 months ago to commit myself to this site again because I consider it the main go to place on all things Marvel and thought maybe the Admins have become alot more seasoned with time. When i first started I got in huge disagreements with ADour but as time has gone by since 2013 I have come to know ADour as an excellent go to person. Same with Undoniel. Some of the best editors a person can know. I just seem to feel cornered by Annabell alot even if I don't express it because it hasn't affected by personal and professional life in either way up till now per say. I have recently seen one of your long standing Content Moderators Nausiated leave after years with being on the site due to certain things which he explained in a blog that was later erased by another admin. But the idea of me sticking around since I have been a member of this great community since 2012 is being circumvented from my perspective. I don't know if I could go on. I spent hours a day contributing sometimes even at the expense of being around my 14 year old son, and I hope from one father to another you might at least understand. I know my son is older and your kids don't wanna hang around the old man when they become teenagers which is pretty much every teen. But the sacrifices I have made, all due to my own decisions and not the databases for spending more time here then my own children. But my son is finally at a point where the Marvel movies and comics is starting to rub off on him which for me is pretty amazing as I as got into comics at a way earlier age and my son at the time didn't care for the same kind of stuff. I glad he finally came around anyways I am glad I am a part of this larger community but the style of language from some of the Admod team I think needs to be more copacetic than that of a Drill Sargent. Thank you taking out the team ton hopefully read this.

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    • Gijimu, I think you jumped the gun here. Annabell's concerns regarding the status of those characters she asked about were valid, and she addressed them appropriately.

      She would have abused her administrative powers if she had done something like outright move Impulse's page. Instead, she simply added the move tag and started the discussion in the talk page, like any user should do. She didn't even edit Warbird and Gladiator's respective pages to remove the affiliation you had added that is the matter of debate.

      I'm not trying to berate you. I understand being protective of pages one has worked on, and I see this simply as a knee-jerk reaction, especially since I've followed the discussion a little bit and things are calm. Your contributions since your return are appreciated, the work on Old Man Quill, Royals and the Infinity-based What If?, not to mention the tidy-up and creation of galleries for many less specific articles from different parts of the site.

      I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about something you addressed tangentially, which is Nausiated's blog. I don't like to talk about this situation because it aggrieves me, but I figure with truthfulness comes transparency. Assuming you've read all of it, I will start by saying that the blog post comes from a place of ignorance. Nausiated made many remarks regarding a situation of which he doesn't have the full picture. Back when I was blocked in December, my situation was monitored by the Director of FANDOM's Community Support, Sannse. I was blocked for 38 days, a time during which she tried the accuser to provide more concise evidence, but nothing came out of it. The situation was treated with severity. Authorities and FANDOM's legal staff were allegedly involved, and back in December 21, when I was blocked I didn't even know why until I submited a report ticket.

      I don't need to go into details, but for an example of the accuser's questionability, they claimed my transgression ocurred on Facebook. However, they reported me to FANDOM instead, a site tangential to the matter. Considering how privy Facebook is, the accuser could have reported my profile, and if the accusations were true, Facebook would've been able to ban me and contact local authorities with the snap of a finger. During the time of my block, I researched on my own the conditions under which Facebook could divulge a user's chat log to a third party (FANDOM in this case), and I told Sannse about it, because I had nothing to hide, save for an akward crush confession from 2012.

      Furthermore, in the blog post, Nausiated accused the other members of the AdMod team of not taking the situation seriously and said they should've gone to Jamie. And that's exactly what they did. Annabell contacted Jamie and he greenlit the accuser's block. The only action any member of the AdMod team took before informing Jamie was to revert the vandalism to the affected articles. The accuser was loose for almost four hours before he was blocked, which risked he continued vandalizing, but we did it because we treaded the situation lightly.

      I hope this has set the record straight.

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    • Yeah it does make sense, and considering your problem I kinda learned a little bit, but knowing you through all these years, I can say with a definite yes that I know your not capable of the actions for which you were blamed for. That is a given and I just mentioned the whole Nausiated thing only because being a member of the ADmod for so long and then quitting was just a sad thing since he has been here longer than me. I didn't try to proclaim anything on your part as I never mentioned you but you know this already. It just sad to see people leave from something as incredible as the database.

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    • And I guess that Annabell might not used to me as an editor as she started as an admin a little before I left the wiki, which is just my own perspective I could be wrong. And I know you allow me some breathing space because I think we both have an understanding of each other over the years which I am grateful for.

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    • Thank you for your token of trust.

      While I don't think Nausiated's blog addressed the matters it talked about appropriately and we have had our issues with him occasionally, I respected his contributions to the wiki. It's always a pain to see contributors leave. Last year, The Many-Angled One also decided to step down.

      I also have say that I was glad to see your name pop up in the Wiki Activity feed after so long. Speaking of our mutual understanding, hopefully you and Annabell also reach one. She's stringent, but she's diligent and cautious, and makes sure to see eye to eye with users before making decisions.

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    • Understood. I thought you and Undoniel were taking a break because when I first came back I was unaware that you were blocked, which I found really strange because that type of behavior, you've never demonstrated anything even the simplest thing about that headache. With you it was always about Marvel this and Iron Man that. Your dedication to our Armored friend is above reproach. I have an affinity for Cannonball and the more obscured character Michael Pointer which I sought would of made some real waves after his big entrance as the Collective in the New Avengers series but I guess the idea didn't work like I thought it would even though he was created by Bendis and McNiven. I keep hoping one day he will see glory especially since my first favorite writer Hickman is taking over X-Men but I know he won't touch the character either. Al Ewing comes in at #2 on my favorite writers list.

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    • I'm also a big fan of Al Ewing, he's my favorite writer... I don't mean to cut this short, but since we've put a lid on the issue with Annabell, we should probably take it away from here at the very least, to avoid spamming Jamie's wall with chat that is off-topic.

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