• Hello, I wanted to ask you why did you remove the information I added to Thanos' article?

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    • Because none of it is pertinent to the page. The same goes for the information I removed from Adam Warlock's page.

      The events of the new Infinity OGN trilogy start after Avengers: Rage of Ultron #1, during the eight months gap between the end of Secret Wars and All-New, All-Different Marvel. Thanos-616 was trapped outside the Multiverse as consequence of Doctor Doom ripping his spine out in Secret Wars #8 during that time, and he didn't return until the Ultimates exited the Multiverse to try to fix time in Ultimates Vol 2 #5. There's no way to reconcile these stories other than considering that the new Infinity OGN trilogy takes place in an alternate universe where Thanos wasn't exiled.

      And even if you don't take that into account, the story of the last OGN ends with everything being averted, meaning the events of all three OGNs were diverged into another timeline at best. In other words, none of it happened in Earth-616, thus being impertinent to 616-designated pages.

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    • That could just be a continuity error. Plus, the ending kinda ties with the Ultimates, in the end of the Infinity Ending Adam Warlock ended up outside the Multiverse just like Thanos, until he saved by Kang. Although it doesn't 100% fit with the canon it shouldn't be a separate timeline unless said otherwise by the story or the creator himself. It could be that Thanos was resurrected after the events of Secret Wars.

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    • Could be, but that's all conjecture and we should stick to the facts presented, which are:

      • Ultimates Vol 2 #5 clearly states Thanos has been trapped outside the Multiverse since his death at the hands of Doom.
      • Everything that happened in Thanos: The Infinity Siblings #1, Thanos: The Infinity Conflict #1, and Thanos: The Infinity Ending #1 was averted, as stated by Kang the Conqueror in The Infinity Ending OGN ("It would appear that all has returned to as it once was").
        • When avertions like that happen, new divergent timelines are created, therefore it is a separate timeline and it was stated to be so by the story itself.
          • Plus, it wouldn't be the first time a story by Jim Starlin ended like that.
      • Only Adam, Kang, Pip, and future Starfox were stated to be outside the timestream when future Thanos was defeated and have remained there after, as also stated by Kang in the Infinity Ending OGN ("Except for you, the Troll, Eros and myself, who were out of the timeflow when regeneration occurred.").
        • If they were the only beings not to be affected by the restoration of all that was like Kang suggested, Thanos was and thus wasn't cast out of the Multiverse, he simply became what he was before all of this happened again.
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    • OK, we should create a separate article for this Thanos, but Adam's information should be restored from what I'm understanding. If you don't mind I'm opening a discussion on Thanos' talk page and invite some other users to see their opinions.

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    • I can assign a TRN to it for you later if you want.

      About Adam Warlock, I believe the info in his page shouldn't be restored for the same reason it shouldn't be restored in Thanos': there's too much contradictions to properly reconcile the story to Earth-616, and the main one is Thanos taking part on it all when he was supposed to be trapped outside the Multiverse. His fate after his future self's defeat in The Infinity Ending is left unclear, so saying he ended up trapped outside the Multiverse again after the Secret Wars without it even being stated in any capacity is speculatory.

      You can go ahead and bring it up in the talk pages anyway.

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    • I don't mind to create a separate universe, but we need to clear at first this confusion with the other editors to see what's their opinion.

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    • Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that I rollbacked your edits on Starfox's page as well (explanation below).

      Ok, so I've been collecting data since we started this conversation and here's what I've gathered so far:

      • Minor timelines created by Kang's actions aside, there are four main different timelines in Thanos: The Infinity Siblings #1. They are (by order of appearance):
        • The future in which the Hunger kills Thanos.
          • This is the home timeline of future Starfox.
        • The present (altered Earth-616 or variant).
        • The present in which Thanos loses his free will to his future self and future Starfox travels to 4012 A.D. (the future of his own timeline) to steal specifications from Kang, enabling I.S.A.A.C. to create a time-travel wristlet for him in the present.
          • This can't be the same present seen before because of the two avertions that happen in Thanos: The Infinity Ending #1, which are:
            • Thanos defeats his future self and returns everything to as it once was (to what extent is left unknown though).
            • Kang travels back in time to prevent future Starfox from stealing his time-traveling technology.
          • The future in which Thanos kills the Hunger.
      • It's all set after Avengers: Rage of Ultron #1.
        • At this point in time, Thanos-616 was exiled outside the Multiverse. And yet, he's in his home reality again here. No explanation was given.
        • Both the Starfoxes and Thanos believe their father was killed by Ultron. However, his death at the hands of Ultron was never seen and he turned up alive in Thanos Vol 2 #2, where Thanos kills him. If really set in Earth-616, this could be explained as them not knowing he was actually alive at that point.
      • Corvus Glaive is working for Thanos here, but in Thanos Vol 2 #1 it's stated he took advantage of Thanos' absence to take over the Black Quadrant and build his own Black Order.
      • Judging by the Guardians of the Galaxy's clothes, this story takes place after Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy, which is set between the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 and the beginning of All-New Guardians of the Galaxy.
      • Future Starfox didn't send his past self into the future, he simply teleported him to a planet far away from Titan and made it so he would only be able to leave it after 2000 years had passed, ensuring his future would come to pass ("For I have ensured that my old self is currently stranded several million light-years from Titan and that it will take me/him close to 2,000 years to return home.").
      • There are two different timelines in Thanos: The Infinity Conflict #1. They are (by order of appearance):
        • The past (altered Earth-616 or variant).
        • The second present first seen in the previous OGN and its future.
      • Since the Multiverse is in play in Thanos: The Infinity Ending #1, I won't detail all of the timelines that appear in it because it's somewhat confusing. The timeline of future Thanos and his past self and (the altered/variant) Earth-616 are present, but the most distinguishable timelines are:
        • The present in which Pip and future Starfox are absorbed by future Thanos.
        • The present in which Pip and future Starfox aren't absorbed by future Thanos because of Kang.
      • Uatu the Watcher appears alive and in more than one panel, watching future Starfox and Pip. He was killed in Original Sin, so how could he be alive at this point of time?

      Since Marvel wasn't really forthcoming about what was happening with Thanos in other books when Jim Starlin was writing the first Infinity OGN trilogy, I think it's fair to assume it happened again when he wrote the new trilogy. That or he wrote (or started to write) the new three graphic novels at some point before Thanos Vol 2 came out. Any one of those could explain some of the continuity errors present here. However, like I said before, there are too many of them to reconcile with the events of Earth-616.

      Anyway, in this interview, Jim Starlin hints at his Thanos (possibly meaning the one from the OGNs) being an alternate ("In case anyone hasn't noticed, there have been three different Thanoses in the Marvel pantheon over the past few years: Marvel Comics' Thanos, the Thanos I've been involved with, and the movie universe Thanos, which we've only seen glimpses of so far.").

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    • OK then, so can you give me the TRNs for all of those characters?

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    • Sure, here they are:

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    • A FANDOM user
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