• I sat alone at my desk, tinkering furiously away at my project and trying not to think about the events that had transpired only seconds ago. Even though I try over and over to push it to the back of my mind, it keeps resurfacing. She keeps resurfacing. Her face. . . those tears. . . Damn it! Why can’t she understand? This work, my work, is the priority in our lives right now. Why can’t she see that? Sigh. She’s done so much for me, been there through all of it. I wish I could reward her for her devotion and loyalty. But I can’t yet. I have to finish first. I have to protect her. Sighing, I reach behind its head and press a button. It lights up, alive and I hear the words I’ve been waiting for. A cold metallic voice reads out; “Ultron-1 Online.”

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