• Hi! When you create a page, don't forget to add the reality designation:

    • For example, on your Nathaniel Essex (Rebellious Clone) should be Nathaniel Essex (Rebellious Clone) (Earth-616)
    • But don't create that page. I have added the movetag, who inform admins and other users that that page will soon be moved.
      • To add a movetag, here how to write it:"{{MoveTagged|Correct name of the page}}"
    • Also, the category images must be filled up with {{Character Images}}", what you have done would be at a better place in the gallery.
    • Also, for the move to be proceeded, use the tools (the blue bar down), go in "my tools">"what link here", and replaced all the things who links to the wrong page by the correct page name (a redirect from the good link to the bad can help to keep the links connected waiting for an admin to proceed to the move).

    If you have any questions...

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    • Apologies for the designation. It's the first time that I've created a wiki page so am still learning how to code it properly. Would it be possible for you to set up the appearances and images gallery and add a link to this page under "clones" on the Mister Sinister disambiguation page please - haven't been able to get these pages laid out and working correctly?

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