• Hi!

    When you upload files and pics, please license them:

    • You can add a license template before the upload by selecting an option.
    • If you don't, you can simply go on edit of the file page, and add the template: You have to search in the little icons and clic on the one with a little pic of a photo, named "insert image template"

    Once you have made one of those two options, you have to insert:

    • The type of license: If this is a comic (a panel or less), you can add "CSP" (Character Simple Panel or something like that)
    • The imagetype: Item, Character, Location, Team, Vehicle (don't know if there is more of them
    • Description, if you feel there is a need to describe something. (I use it really occasionally)
    • the Issue where the pics comes from
    • The universe where the "pic was taken"
    • The subject(s): everything appearing in a valuable way on the pic (with the reality designation for characters, and also for the other if they do have one: In general, the correct name of )
    • The authors (CoverArtist, Penciler, Inker, Colourist, Letterer): Only those who indeed have a role in the pic: No need for cover artist or letterer for a pic from inside the comic and with no dialogue appearing on it.

    It would be nice if you could also license the pics you've already uploaded. The list of your edits and upload are present in contribution, in the bar where you also found your profile, blog and message wall.

    Here an example of pic properly licensed for a comic pic (I've just corrected my own mistakes on it): File:M'Butu_(Earth-616)_from_Black_Panther_Vol_4_3_0002.png

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Sorry if my message was too long, but that licensing thing is truly for both editors and visitors, as the licensing allow the pic to be linked to the image category of the character page.

    Also don't forget the naming conventions.

    And also, when you create a gallery, please license the pics (even if some or all of the pics aren't licensed), and also to create the images pages

    Have a good day !

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