• Again, please respect the policies about the files uploading. I won't repeat them, you just have to scroll down to my previous message.

    Next blockage will last for more time, and I'm still not pleased to do it nor to have to use that sanction as a threat, as you're an active editor.

    So, thanks to comply to the policies, and to make the edits necessary on your previously uploaded files.

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    • Told you. One week block. Nobody wins from this, please follow the rules. I can remove the block if you agree with that, including:

      • Respect the Naming Conventions of your file uploads, (and add movetag respecting those to the files you've already uploaded),
      • License them and fill up the license templates,
      • Don't ignore users' messages, admins or not.
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    • You blocked me and didn't even specify what the actionable offense I committed was.

      So how about time get another mod to deal with me. You are always the one who interferes with everything I do. Get someone else to do it.

      I think you're snotty and I would rather deal with one of the other mods as I'm sick of having to read your inane comments.

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    • Oh come onĀ !

      It's have been asked you by the admins (me, Artful Dodger, ADour) several times to:

      And two users (me and Dryankee17) had to ask for the origin of pics.

      Those reasons are even on the message informing you're blocked. You don't even try to understand what's wrong.

      The offenses you've committed is, like the last time: The lack of licensing, respect of the Naming Conventions on every files you've uploaded, after several admins asking to respect those rules. And ignoring admins (and other users as well) messages is a blockable offense.

      And no, I will no ask to another admin to deal with you because you refuse to read my messages, and you haven't done either for other admins). And as others before you, you try to make this a personal thing, so let's face the facts: You've been asked to respect the rules as everyone else and you refuse, and now you think I'm persecuting you (or rather you're presenting yourself as persecuted).

      So how about this (again): Respect the rules as everyone else, and the block stops. It is as simple as that.

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    • Then you just need to block me dude. I'm sick of taking time out to deal with your constant whining. You come to my page repeatedly to complain and if I don't respond quickly you start throwing your weight around with the banning.

      So just ban me dude. Because I refuse to deal with you further.

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    • You don't respond at all, and admins started asking you to respect the rules in June 2013, it has been asked you several times to respect those rules and you haven't done anything.

      In fact, you haven't took any time to deal with the admins asking you to respect the rules.

      I have no interest in blocking you, but that the point of the blocking, no one wins, but at least it makes you react. But obviously in this case, it doesn't make you think about why you're blocked.

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    • A FANDOM user
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