• OK, the super serum in Cap's blood is neutralised and he becomes his true age, BUT Captain America spent decades in suspended animation, frozen in ice when HE DID NOT AGE, no thanks to any super serum. Why does he become an old man?

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    • Of course, without the super serum which miraculously gave him massive muscles and agility, Steve Rogers will go back to being the wimp he originally was, but not an old man.

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    • The only reason he survived in the ice was the serum (and his close to zero metabolism) There's a saying that 'people aren't dead, til they're warm and dead.' He de-aged when he was shot and 'killed' in CA#25 (2012) I believe. My guess is, as with previous storylines where he's lost the serum, he ages until he gets a transfusion from someone with the serum, like the kid from Young Avengers with a copy of Cap's or Isiah Bradley's shield, but I did read somewhere that the serum is basically a part of his body, that it's been absorbed - that it can't be 'taken' from him anymore, his body will continue to make more, but I'm sure others can correct me on these points.

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    • Quick freezing will preserve a body, and even if it was the super serum that allowed this to happen without water in his cells turning into expanding ice and destroying them, it remains a fact that Cap did not age over the time he was in the ice.

      I seem to remember years ago the Red Skull who had Cap's serum in his blood giving Captain America a blood transfusion to save him. I have no doubt that like all the dead Marvel characters who suddenly come back to life, so Cap will return in young form eventually, maybe depending on sales figures.

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    • I remember that story, and when he needed to use the armor Stark made, another story where he lost the serum.

      I agree, Cap will be back in the books before Avengers 2 or CA 3.

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    • Actually the Super-Solider Serum is what preserved him in suspended animation, as stated in many handbooks.

      This isn't the first time Captain America's super-soldier serum began to fail him either. See Captain America #425-445 where it was causing a degeneration of his body. He was restored to normal thanks to a blood transfusion from the Red Skull (who at the time lived in a cloned body of Captain America) in Captain America #446.

      That said, to think that Steve Rogers is going to stay old forever is silly. You know Marvel isn't going to retire Captain America and I suspect he'll be back to normal in time for Avengers 2 or Captain America 3. Which was the case when the first Captain America film came out, prior to its release Cap was "dead" and Bucky took over. An lo and behold by the time the movie came out, Steve Rogers was back to being Captain America.

      Some advice who has been reading comics for almost 30 years: When they make a huge change like this, don't get bent out of shape because things always eventually go back to the status quo. Superior Spider-Man is a great example, and you can bet the "death" of Wolverine isn't going to last very long either.

      All these things are meant to boost sales by getting fans (ie you) either emotionally charged enough to buy the comics and find out what happened, or to buy a lot of copies thinking it'll be a collectors item some day (Which, in all honesty it won't, not the way they publish comic books now)

      So take a deep breath, stop dissecting every little thing -- you know, suspend your disbelief -- and just enjoy the ride, things will eventually go back to normal, and all this stressing over piddly little details will have been a waste of energy.

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    • Captain America always remains the same even when Steve Rogers going to be old. Shield make another hero as cap.So, no worries.

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    • @Nausiated,

      I remember the DC 900 Robin stunt way back in the day, when everyone thought it was Dick Grayson being killed off, and the media ran with it so sales soared, only to have them die off again, as Jason did.

      I agree with you on the 'deaths' of characters, it's a PR/sales idea, and the characters will be back before their respective new movies are out.

      The only Marvel character that hasn't been brought back is Uncle Ben, that I'm aware of.

      @Mary, some of the Cap. replacements have been okay, others not so much. I've been a long time reader (early 80's), and I think since Bucky/WS took over as Cap for a while, and now Falcon's doing it, it's too many too soon, and I'm actually tired of 'Rogers loses the serum' stories.

      Nausiated, isn't there an issue that says something along the lines of the serum is part of his body now, that it gets replenished like his blood does, so he can't lose it?

      IF Marvel tires of Steve being Cap, let him use the 'Super Soldier/SHIELD ID he used for a bit with the outfit he wore in the limited series that ended up in the WS movie, and 'retire' the CA identity for a bit, it's been done before.

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