• Hi! I’m sending this message out to every active admin on the Marvel Database. My name is William Arrowsmith, some of you might know me, I’m an admin on the DC Database. Right now we are having a very large conversation about both databases on Facebook. We’re trying to put together a message thread including every active admin on both sites. This message thread currently has two stated goals. 1) To rethink our site navigation, and work on better ways we can organize our content. 2) To talk about the differences between our templates, and ways that we can possibly standardize them so both sites are working with the same templates again. The idea is that we would host our templates in a separate location, so we could work on them in one place without having to continuously update both wikis. We would also be able to “franchise” this system out to other comic book wikis, which have struggled in the past with copying our system.

    If you could please add me on Facebook and message me, I will happily add you to the conversation. If anybody else is looking at this, I apologize, but it’s admins only. The people currently involved in the conversation are myself, Jamie and Peteparker representing Marvel, plus Haroldrocks, Hatebunny, Kyletheobald, and Midoki24 representing DC. Thank you!

    This is a link to my Facebook:

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