• For those who remember the episode "The Girl in The Flower Dress" I've been curious about this a while but does anyone think Skye's former flame Miles Lydon got out of the cuff and managed to leave Japan. I'm not sure if it's possible or not cause

    1. With SHIELD getting shut down and everyone else distracted with HYDRA and the Inhumans, the bracelet could be offline or dead by now, allowing him to slip away.

    2. Looking back, he was just an Unwitting Pawn. If I remember right, he didn't know who CENTIPEDE really was and it wasn't implied he would have still helped them if he did know. He got suckered by Sky-sorry Daisy's dad and Raina, both of whom she managed to forgive to a degree. At this point, if getting played by the Main Baddies was so bad, then half the cast would be guilty.

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    • Wendell Levi's bracelet continued to work long after the fall of SHIELD, so I imagine Lydon's still works, too.

      But, you know what, I heard he actually got back with Skye.

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    • WHAT! When? What episode? HOW?!

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