• Hi Zaxxon Poon, I noticed you have been uploading some pictures, but I wanted to ask you to name them according to the wikia Naming Conventions.

    Seems you uploaded mostly character pictures, so that would probably be the most important section for you, but in sum it should be named like this.

    primarysubject_from_source_incrementalnumber.jpg(the jpg format not being obligatory)

    As an example I just proposed a change to one of your pictures from:
    New Excalibur Vol 1 18 Albion.jpg
    Bran Bardic (Earth-70518) from New Excalibur Vol 1 18 001.jpg

    Also if possible I would like to ask you if you could then movetag all your already uploaded pictures to the naming conventions I mentioned above, you just need to edit the page and add this code to the start of the page {{subst:Move|New Name Here}}.


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    • Ok... i guess i had it backwards. i knew the book had to be in the title of the pic. dont remember any mention of a "movetag'. where does it go. sorry for not knowing. kept getting a window askin if i were a robot so i figured something would be wrong. are you a moderator. i replied to the guy who first greeted me but no responce. i saw a lady respond to him about pics and asked her she said i was ok. i didnt know who else to ask.

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    • Yeah I'm a moderator, Eetmi is an admin the response that you received is an automatic response the wikia sends when a new user makes a contribution.

      I'm just asking to movetag the ones that aren't named correctly you normally don't have to do this, it's very easy like I said above, just go to the picture page, click on edit and add this to the top of the code with the new naming there, {{subst:Move|New Name Here}}.

      Using your pictures as an example again, I wrote this in the one I changed
      {{subst:Move|Bran Bardic (Earth-70518) from New Excalibur Vol 1 18 001.jpg}} .

      And then you don't have to worry about anything else an Admin will eventually make the change once it's tagged(moderators like me aren't able to as of right now).

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    • sorry...i meant top line or bottom line. Thanks for the info, its hard to find info sometimes. I started to do it but didnt know where it went on the page. does it replace another line.

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    • strike that, i just checked email and found the answer. thanks again

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    • Sorry had to leave for a few hours. Good job, everything seems to be fine now¬†:).

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    • A FANDOM user
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