• This is probably the fourth time I bring to your notice the following. Please, if you are not going to create original content for the articles you contribute to, try to improve the quality with which you add said information.

    The Afghanistan page is an example of that. The different paragraphs taken from different articles have no form of cohesive narrative or connectors. The focus of the article should be Afghanistan, not the people that visited or lived on it. There are even portions of this copy-pasted information that have nothing to do with Afghanistan, after mentioning that Dust was born in there, the information in the paragraph moves to India, and continues talking about Dust's life experiences even though they are completely irrelevant for the article.

    The paragraph about Wolverine tracking down Mystique mentions Afghanistan at the beginning. Then there's a mention of a flashback which takes place in Muir Island that has nothing to do with Afghanistan at all, and the action moves to Iran and later Iraq.

    Additionally, if you add references in an article to have information later attributed to them, try to hide then between <!-- and -->. Having clusters of stray references is extremely sloppy.

    Finally, please try to contribute to the article all at once, instead of filling the page's edit history with over 20 consecutive edits in a single hour.

    Thank you.

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