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Official Name
Threats and Menaces
TNM, T.A.M.[1]
Norah Winters (publicly); secretly Chameleon (puppet master)[2]
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Daily Bugle (competition)
News Website
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Start Up

Threats and Menaces is a tabloid news website based in Manhattan and founded by Norah Winters, who recruited J. Jonah Jameson after his time on his radio talk show, Get to Work! on Talk 616!, was ruined due to scheduling alterations and subtle interference by Wilson Fisk.[3]

The site uses gossip and tags on the superhuman community to generate interest in their articles, and thus bring in their revenue. Their first major online trending article was by Jameson, who broke a story about Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. after the former tried explaining his public robbing from Pluto.[3]

Following the heist exposé, Norah then convinced JJJ and Spider-Man to sit down for a podcast interview, hoping the two would fight for ratings. Despite a slow start, Jonah and Spidey came to a head when discussing his hero career and his pranks on Jonah since his start. Midway into the podcast, Chance surprisingly arrived to steal one of Spider-Man's web shooters, and was successful with aid by the Jack O' Lanterns.[4]

As there was no public danger, Spider-Man stayed to finish the podcast, bringing incredible views on the site. Afterwards, Norah approached Peter with a job offer, an idea beneficial for Spider-Man's public image, but was an order from Chameleon; still communicating despite being locked up in a black site prison.[4]

Hot Topic

Peter Parker, desperate for income, accepts Norah's job offer and is shown Spider-Man's TNM employment suit, equipped with first person surveillance gear and private access only to Norah and Jonah. Although initially hesitant due to privacy issues, Peter accepts upon seeing the payout.[1]

As Spider-Man debuts the suit against a bank robbery with Hydro-Man, Shocker, and Speed Demon, Jonah calls directing Spider-Man on what to do based on viewer poll numbers. But after their capture, the trio reveal their name as the "Boomerang Revenge Squad" with their orders being to distract Spider-Man as an assassin targets Gog and Fred.[1]

After moving out of her parents' house, Cindy Moon also joined the website and reunited with Jonah to handle local coverage.[5]



TNM employees carry various technologies to be on alert for news stories.[3]

  • Laptops: Each employee has a laptop to continue their work anywhere.[3]
  • Cell Phones: Every employee has a cell phone for communication.[3]
  • Spider-Man's TNM Suit: prototype-suit equipped with 360˚surveillance tech to record POV action, upgraded Web-Shooters, and augmented Spider-Sense compatibility.[1]
  • Jonah's Overwatch station: computer station for monitoring and communicating with Spider-Man.[1]


  • The name "Threats and Menaces" is a reference to JJJ's former strapline, "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?"
  • The company also shares the name of Jonah's personal podcast from before he started championing Spider-Man's heroism.[6]

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