Threshold is the team leader of Halcyon's Seed Nineteen. She and her unit went on their own to rescue Halcyon's most powerful Seedling warrior, Tesseract from the Acheron Empire. She and her team rescued Tesseract and narrowly escaped to the lower and uncharted dimensions and find themselves on Earth's New York City. At first, Threshold and her team mistaken the primitive Earth as a hostile world just like their own home dimension and came into a misunderstanding with the Fantastic Four. However, Seed Nineteen's misunderstanding was defused with Dreamcatcher's revelation, but Threshold learned from Reed Richards about Gallowglass and realized that Tesseract is in danger.[citation needed]

Both Seed Nineteen and the Fantastic Four teamed up and chased after Gallowglass with a captured Tesseract to the firedrake, Redeemer. When into conflict with Galloglass and his forces, both Seed Nineteen and Four were on the verge of defeat until Susan Storm caused Gallowglass' apparent death by exploding him and destroying the Redeemer, with Threshold and her team (minus Dreamcatcher) escaped and separated from the Fantastic Four and Tesseract on Pyx's Ironwater City.[citation needed]

Threshold and her unit later spied Ronan the Accuser, who have been informed of the Fantastic Four's location. Threshold and Seed Nineteen followed Ronan back to Earth and battled him in rescuing the Fantastic Four. Though Ronan proved himself to be more powerful even to Tesseract, Reed Richards coordinated both his team and Seed Nineteen to defeat Ronan, in which Threshold had her ability to absorb the powers of her allies and Ronan's cosmic power against the accuser. After Ronan's defeat, Threshold was impressed with Reed Richards and consider him a warrior without equal, in which she embrace him with a passionate kiss (considering that his "seed" is "precious"). Susan Storm immediately stopped her, and both Threshold and Seed Nineteen departed back to their dimension and planned to liberate Pyx from the Acheron Empire with help from other Seed units.[citation needed]


Absorb objects and energies, such as bullets and explosion, in which she create kinetic attacks.


Threshold, as a team leader, is Seed Nineteen's voice of authority and tactical coordinator.

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