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The Throatwarbler Mangrove was Tony Stark's personal yacht, docked in his villa Mi Casa, in his own private Caribbean island in Bahamas.[1]

Stark sailed on the Mangrove during his first holiday in several years, with the company his friends John Ehrmann, Ling McPherson and James Rhodes, and with his romantic interest Bethany Cabe. During this trip, Stark went fishing in the Mangrove, capturing a big swordfish and then releasing it as he did not need to preserve or eat his capture. At the same time, his yacht was being secretly spied and assessed by the villain Force.[1] Force was an agent of Justin Hammer, tasked to capture American boats that Hammer then loaded with opium on the intent to smuggle the drug to the United States of America. The Mangrove was considered interesting[2] and Force was sent to get it.[1]

Force and his minions reached the yacht at a moment where only Cabe was onboard, sunbathing - Stark and Rhodes were diving at that point. Force apprehended Cabe and, in case there were divers, sent two concussion bombs overboard. This injured Rhodes, but warned Stark. Stark then donned his Iron Man Armor and, in his secret identity as Iron Man, attacked Force and his minions. Force took the yacht and escaped while Stark was busy defeating the goons.[1]

Force took the Mangrove to Hammer's mobile headquarters, and once there, the boat was loaded with the narcotic. However, Iron Man then found Hammer's base. His presence scrambled Hammer's operation, and the yacht's captured crewmen defended their boats when Hammer tried to send them to the States. Iron Man then took the Mangrove and Cabe back to Mi Casa.[2]


  • The name of the boat is a reference to a character from Monty Python's Flying Circus, portrayed by Graham Chapman, whose name was spelled "Raymond Luxury Yacht", but insisted it was pronounced "Throatwarbler Mangrove".

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