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Thrr is a resident of Arfgard who returned home to witness the punishment of Looky at the hands of Odarn (Earth-8311). Shortly afterwards Shmageggi, He who is dogcatcher of the universe, went to Arfgard to try and capture Odarn. Thrr created a rainstorm, soaking the Arfgardians and Shmageggi fled from the smell of wet-dog. The Arfgardians celebrated through the night, while Thrr went to chase cars.[1]

During the event known as Secret Furs, Thrr and other super-powered inhabitants of Larval Earth were transported to an artificially-created world created by the Bee-Yonder and was seen fighting Looky.[2]

At some point Thrr became a member of Scavengers who assembled to take down Doctor Octopus of Earth-50810 who had ended up on Earth-8311 when he and the Web-Warriors were separated across different universes when the Web of Life and Destiny became tangled. They easily defeated Doctor Octopus.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.




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