Thunder was a horse gifted to Texas Kid by his comrades Emilio Diaz and Red Hawk to ride. The Kid first rode Thunder into Caliber City to get revenge on outlaw Link Cado who blinded the Kid's father Zane Temple and murdered his mother.

Lance continued to use Thunder during his career as the Texas Kid. In order to distance himself from the Texas Kid, Lance Temple regularly hid Thunder in nearby Hidden Valley when he was not operating as the Texas Kid.[1]

Thunder was a highly intelligent horse and often came to the rescue of his master when the Texas Kid was in trouble. When the Kid was buried up to his neck in sand by the Native American renegade known as Howling Wolf, Thunder pulled the Texas Kid out of the ground, saving his life.[1] Highly loyal, when the outlaw Brag Beaver posed as the Texas Kid tried to ride Thunder, the horse bucked him off. When Brag tied Lance to a tree and left him at the mercy of poisonous snakes, Thunder trampled the deadly reptiles under his hooves and then chewed through his masters bonds, allowing him to stop Brag Beaver.[2] When in Mexico, the Texas Kid was captured by the evil Don Carlos who unleashed his bulls on the hero while he was tied up and helpless. Thunder came to his master's call and kept the bulls away long enough for the Kid to free himself and ultimately stop Don Carlos[3]. Much later, Thunder was stolen by a band of Ute Native Americans, who also captured the Texas Kid. When his master and his friends were about to be trampled by wild horses, Thunder got between the wild horses and his master then helped free him so he could deal with with the Ute uprising.[4]

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Thunder was a highly intelligent horse who would come when called by a whistle. It understood basic commands from his master the Texas Kid.


Thunder should not be confused with the horse of the same name owned by the Outlaw Kid, who in one account[5] shares the same origin as the Texas Kid,[1]. However this similar origin has been revealed as false.[6]

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