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Thunderbolt (a.k.a. "Riding, the Thunderbolt") is a purified form of the highly addictive drug Zap. One dose of Thunderbolt imparts super-human strength, endurance, total pain-suppression and an ultimate ecstatic rapture that lasts for an hour and ends in death.[1]

Taking Thunderbolt was referred to as "riding the thunderbolt". The effects of Thunderbolt was "awakening the dragon within", and a user described it as "time to take the roller-coaster to the end of consciousness and fly off into oblivion." A resident of Madripoor described it as "It allows you to see God."[1]

The drug was developed and initially pitched to Prince Baran of Madripoor as a cure for cancer, in order to encourage him to lift the sanctions on the protected status of the Madripoorian Spider-Monkey. It was also pitched to Tyger Tiger and General Coy under the same ruse in order to access their criminal resources to enable hunting, manufacturing and smuggling of the monkey brain fluids back to Japan. The operation was busted by Wolverine.[2]


The drug grants its user;

  • Incredible euphoria.
  • Heightened strength.
  • Increased endurance.
  • An inability to feel pain.

However, it may also cause death within one hour of consumption.

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