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Quote1.png I want you all to listen very carefully. I'm not going to kill you. I'm not even going to arrest you. Because you work for me now. Not the Thunderbolts. ME. But know this. If you ever - EVER - interfere with me again...I will murder your families, your friends, your loved ones. I'll kill them in ways that will make even sociopaths like you WEEP. And then I will torture you to death. Slowly. And I will enjoy every last moment of it. Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

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Who's crazier - Venom or Norman Osborn? The Thunderbolts are about to find out, as one of Venom's old partners in crime makes him an offer he can't refuse…and all he has to do is betray Norman. But bad things happen when you cross the man who was the Green Goblin….

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