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Marvel Avengers Academy
(May 14th, 2016)

Quote1 You're gonna form a team of bad guys to fight the worse bad guys? Quote2
-- Wasp


Diretor Fury created the Thunderbolts because he wanted a team that would do the dirty work that the more good hearted students wouldn't, so the team consisted mostly of former criminals that wanted to turn their life around.

Crossbones became it's leader and was tasked with recruiting more members to the team, he contacted his old teammates of the Skeleton Crew, and the Redeemers for possible candidates and also asked a contact of his in Hell's Kitchen to spread the word that the team was recruiting, he eventually came back to the Academy, and decided to start by recruiting members that were already part of the Avengers Academy into the team, but he later met Loki and told him he had actually been recruiting some other members in secret and was hiding it from the team, telling Loki they were a lot more dangerous than their current teammates.

On their first mission Crossbones, his secret Thunderbolts members, and Loki were tasked by Director Fury to locate and obtain the Bloodstone, they were able to determine that it was in possession of A.I.M., at the A.I.M. Institute of Super-Technology, they traveled there and after a battle with A.I.M. they were able to shatter the stone.

New Leadership

When the Green Goblin, and the Sinister Six were defeated by Spider-Man and a group of other Avengers Academy students, he was brought in as a student Avengers Academy. After joining the Academy he approached Crossbones to talk about the Thunderbolts, telling them his objectives for the team, he proposed that he should become their new leader, Crossbones agreed to it as long as he got paid for it. The Green Goblin became their new leader, and brought Doctor Octopus, and Lizard into the team as well. [1]


  • Ant-Man refused to join the team, saying he had done some bad things, but nothing compared to what some guys on the team had done.


  • Wasp's nickname for the team was Team Evil.[1]
  • Loki's nickname for the team was Thunderbugs.[1]

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