Quote1.png What happened next? I don't recall the specifics...something, I was taught, that was very minor in the annals of our lineage...but here and now...it feels like a portent of doom. Quote2.png
-- Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo)

Appearing in "Better to Have Loved and Lost...?"

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Synopsis for "Better to Have Loved and Lost...?"

Star-crossed lovers and a time-tossed Helmut Zemo make for a very dangerous combination. It's the 1700's and the last person you want playing Cyrano on your side is Helmut Zemo... but that's exactly what he has to do in order to save the Zemo lineage! In the present, a major revelation about Wendell Volker's research for his "Book of Zemo" casts his agenda in a very different light... will he be Helmut's savior... or his executioner?


  • First mention of a Gretchen Zemo, ancestor of the modern Zemos.
  • First mention of Herbert Zemo, Helmuth Zemo, and Hackett Zemo. Seen briefly in flashbacks.
  • First mention of Hartwig Zemo.

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