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Quote1 Oh, yes. The Steel Spider. Man. Steel Spider, man. No. Steel Spider. The Steel Spider. The Steel Spider Man. Steel. Spider. Man. Spider. Man. Heh. Spider. Man. Spider-Man. Heh. Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Oh God. Heh. Spider-Man. Heh. Ha. Ha ha ha ha. Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Faith in Monsters part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unnnamed Thugs

Other Characters:

  • Stan Lee
  • Stabbity Jones (First appearance)
  • Hellfang (First appearance)
  • Doomstomp (First appearance)
  • Cobalt Tomahawk (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Faith in Monsters part 3"

The Thunderbolts are debriefed on their previous mission, the capture of Jack Flag. Norman Osborn is not happy with the team's problems with taking down "a walking punchline". Moonstone thinks all went well as the public saw how dangerous non-registered combatants could be. Moonstone is concerned that the new Thunderbolts are not working well as a team and blames Moonstone's lack of leadership.

Afterward, Osborn conducts interviews with several of the team members. The Radioactive Man dislikes the design of his suit. Osborn explains that the suit looks the way it does to best reassure the American public. Gargan talks about his uneasy relationship with the Venom symbiote. Bullseye talks about killing people.

Meanwhile Jillian Woods wakes up after a long night out. She has a job interview later that day. On the Navajo Reservation Jason Strongbow talks with his friend about is past career as a superhero and his bad feelings about registration. The Steel Spider stops some thugs from robbing a bank.

Back at Thunderbolts Mountain Norman Osborn has decided that the Steel Spider will be the Thunderbolts' next target


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