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Quote1 You are going to study Spider-Man and devise a battle plan that does NOT embarrass me again. Is that clear? Steel Spider. You are going to study Steel Spider. Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Faith in Monsters part 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Faith in Monsters part 4"

Norman Osborn visits Penance. His cell empty and dark. Osborn lectures him, trying to cheer him up. He is then confronted by Swordsman. Swordsman tries demanding the status of his sword and clone of his sister. Osborn gets angry threatening to destroy the clone of his sister.

Outside, Moonstone talks to Swordsman, and she reveals her plan to take over the Thunderbolts program.

Cut to American Eagle, where he's fixing up a new helmet. His friend persuades him to talk to Steel Spider. At the same time, Sepulchre is offered a job interview, which she accepts.

Back at Thunderbolts Mountain, Osborn gives a briefing about Steel Spider. He keeps accidentally saying Spider-Man. When questioned about it, he gets angry and leaves. At Steel Spider's home, Osnick is fixing a gun to one of his tentacles.

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